Balancing creative vision, process, strategy and innovation with bottom-line sensibility to achieve dynamic, consistent and measurable results across the organization


Leap4ward works with clients to provide exactly what is needed, when it is needed to meet or exceed your company goals. We analyze the situation, identify solutions and collaboratively implement changes to strategies, products, practices, processes, systems and teams that supercharge your business and facilitate execution across the entire enterprise.

Representative Projects Include:

Offering:  Vertical Local Search and SaaS start-up

Role:  Interim COO

Project:   Develop strategy, business model, transform product offerings, recruit team, launch products and sell initial clients and channel partners.

Results: Launched v1.0 website and SEO automation software that reduced cost of goods  from $4k to $100. Identified vertical market niches and created new business model.  Signed channel alliances that leveraged 2k sales reps in two Fortune 500 companies.


HP (Hewlett Packard – IPAQ)

Offering:  IPAQ line of mobile devices

Role:  SME – Wireless Device and Software Product Management and Marketing

Project: Review product line functionality, features and integrations. Create and conduct structured interviews with 150 top customers, partners and competitors. Analyze and report on findings to Engineering, R&D, Marketing, Sales and Professional Services groups.

Results: Identified, ranked and documented customer and partner required product improvements (features and functionality) to create a new product roadmap for both mobile device hardware and software solutions.

Offering:  National Rollout of Online Wholesale Automotive Services Company

Role:  SME – Product and Brand Management, Operations, Process, Organization Development

Project:   Collaborate with founder  / market visionary to develop national systems, process, services and operations to automate SEO site building and evaluation tools to purchase consumer vehicles and move them into the wholesale channel.

Results:   Created and launched national services leveraging the strength of 3 dominant market adjacent leaders. 200% increase in revenue with 35% improvement to gross margin.


Greener Cleaners

Offering:  Environmentally Green and Sustainable Clothes Cleaning Service

Role:  Interim Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Project:   Collaborate with founder to create business plan, process and production model, distribution logistics model, operations and facility, create systems and close on start-up funding

Results:   Launched high profile pilot by partnering Whole Foods, and leveraging technology from three cutting edge vendors. Infrastructure, systems and distribution process launched on schedule and on budget.



Offering:  Tele-Health (Mobile Health) technology start-up

Role:  Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Project: Refine and implement business and product plan for wireless SaaS business in “Healthcare-IT-on-mobile-device” space. Create organization and infrastructure.

Results: Formed strategic partnerships with funding sources, health sales channel, and application technology partners. Launched Beta version product.



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