Balancing creative vision, process, strategy and innovation with bottom-line sensibility to achieve dynamic, consistent and measurable results across the organization


Founded in 2007, Leap4ward brings together top tier talent in multiple disciplines on an as-needed basis. Our team approach to services is spearheaded by one cross-function expert who works within the client organization to provide streamlined direct communications and output to quickly achieve results that are on-target, on-time and on-budget.


Michael D. Plaut – Founder and Principal Consultant -

Michael brings 20+ years of exceptional experience bringing market disruptive offerings to market.  His experience ranges from enterprise technologies to consumer products and services. 

Prior to founding Leap4ward, Michael held C and VP level roles at 6 early-stage companies that identified and dominated new market niches. At these early-stage or turn-around companies Michael was consistently successful creating and improving winning strategies, partnerships, business models, operating processes & systems, marketing, sales, customer care and product/service management.

VP of Operations and Marketing:  Michael renamed, rebranded and re-launched the company and its 4 business units while unifying inside sales, professional services, customer support and service/product offerings. In 12 months, the company beat significantly VC metrics by winning 10 new $MM contracts, implementing services for 800+ new customers and driving 2M+ monthly online visits, to close B-round funding 40% oversubscribed.

R3 Systems

COO and Co-Founder:  Michael led product management, marketing, sales, operations and services for this SaaS model company which was the first to aggregate, analyze, distribute and alert on large volumes of previously incompatible eCommerce data from multiple programs.

Division President and Corp. VP Strategy:  After Vytek’s acquisition of Telamon, Michael was tasked to run the Wireless Messaging subsidiary while creating a cross-company product/service and growth strategy that incorporated organic and acquired revenue.  During Michael’s tenure, his division reported the highest profits with the smallest employee group.  The company also launched its brand, position, raised $40M in VC funds, identified / closed 13 M&A’s and was acquired by CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP).

CEO and COO: Michael was hired as VP Operations and Finance and rapidly promoted based on the explosive success of the TelAlert Mobile Enterprise Application Suite. During his tenure revenue grew from $1-48M and Telamon delivered 27k enterprise class implementations of wireless software solutions in 46 countries (including 70% of the Fortune 500). 

VP Operations and CFO: Michael started in a turn-around situation, restructured / re-branded the company, obtained funding, identified and entered new markets. In the 1st year FVS captured several “marquee” multimedia accounts, including providing multimedia production and services for the first versions of Intuit’s TurboTax, Newsweek Interactive, and Chevron’s interactive training for 5k retailers.

Worldwide Operations and Sales Administration Manager: Michael created the Operations and Sales Administration systems, processes, teams and functions that allowed the company to grow from $24M to $220M in 3 years, win $40M in funding, become a global top 10 toy company, and offer its IPO





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